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Secrets for a Happy Family Life

Updated: May 11, 2022

Without a happy and peaceful family life, it’s impossible to achieve ultimate happiness. When everything else is falling apart, if you have the support of your family, you can come out of the distress quickly.

Truly satisfying family life comes from a healthy and loving relationship with different family members. So next, we will analyze your relationships with each family member and devise a plan to improve them.

STEP1 - Analyse relations and and device a plan to improve them

Downalod and fill this Excel with details like which family member is important to you and how you can improve the relationship with them.

You will find the excel is already filled; it’s just to help you understand how to fill it. Delete all the data from the excel and fill it with your family information.

STEP 2 - Work for one month and fill the followup column agian

With the ways you have mentioned in the excel, try to follow them for one month, and after one month, do the review and keep repeating this exercise until you reach “Excellent” for all the relationship

In the excel, under “Ways to improve the relationship,” here are some examples of what can improve a relationship in general (feel free to add anything else as per your understanding of the relationship)
  1. Spend more quality time

  2. Help mom/ wife around the house more

  3. Listen and acknowledge feelings even when we are not able to help them

  4. Find common interests and make more plans to do things together

  5. Going out more often

  6. Plan a family trip in the next month

  7. Celebrate festivals together

  8. Come home from work on time

  9. Plan for some romantic time with your partner

  10. Weekly date with daughter/son/husband/wife

If you can’t think of “ways to improve your relationship” or having difficulty listing people you care about, please consult a Family Counselor or seek therapy.

STEP 3 - Repeat

Remember this exercise is not a one-time exercise; just like performance appraisal, you should always evaluate your relationships and try to improve them. After doing it several times, you should be able to do it without this Excel file.

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